Education policy and planning

Solid, coherent policies and plans ar the bedrock on that to make property education systems, bring home the bacon academic development goals and contribute effectively to womb-to-tomb learning.

UNESCO supports national education authorities in developing sturdy and coherent education policies and techniques and in managing their effective implementation all inside the context of property Development Goal four, that aims to ‘to guarantee comprehensive and just quality education and promote womb-to-tomb learning opportunities for all’.

At a time of growing difference, closing the gaps in access to quality education needs a long-run vision and engagement. several countries suffering monetary constraints have created substantial reforms within the space of education management and governance as well as decentralization, public-private partnerships and autonomy of education establishments. In such a context, governments ar a lot of eager than ever to find out regarding effective policies and reforms.

UNESCO offers technical help in education policy analysis, the look of education sector development plans and donor mobilization in support of national academic priorities, like course of study reform, teacher policies, and ICTs in education. additionally, it supports national institutional capacity-building in policy formulation, sector analysis, academic coming up with, policy simulation and dialogue, resource projections, sector management, programme watching and analysis, development cooperation and donor coordination.