Education for health and well-being

A good quality education is that the foundation of health and well-being. For folks to steer healthy and productive lives, they have information to stop illness and sickness. for kids and adolescents to be told, they have to be nourished and healthy. Statistics from UNESCO’s world Education observation Report show that the attainment of upper levels of education among mothers improves children’s nutrition and vaccination rates, whereas reducing preventable kid deaths, maternal mortality and HIV.

Education may be a catalyst for development and a health intervention in its title. The 2015 city Declaration confirms that education develops the abilities, values and attitudes that change voters to steer healthy and consummated lives, build wise choices, and answer native and world challenges.

UNESCO’s goal is to support the contribution of national education sectors to ending AIDS and promoting higher health and well-being for all youngsters and youngsters. The Organization is committed to strengthening the links between education and health, reflective growing international recognition that a additional comprehensive approach to high school health and coordinated action across sectors is required